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saland figers omg saland figers omg

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Was that perfection?

Maybe. Then again, maybe not. Either way, it's a hilarious piece of work and it's a shame that so many people are totally missing the point because I'm sure that if they would all just lighten up and stop taking themselves so seriously that they might actually..... enjoy it? Enjoy it!

The graphics are terrible. Perfect :) Any different and it would have detracted from the overall feel of the movie, as would everything else. The accent is, once again, perfect. It goes without saying that the comedy is pure genius, and the verbal portrayal of Internet acronyms had me laughing uncontrollably.
I'm not lying when I say I can't get enough of this. I've watched it over and over several times, and it still has the same effect :)

This is the funniest thing to hit Newgrounds in a long while. Great work.

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My Tear for Uganda My Tear for Uganda

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Not much to say that hasn't already been said.....

Reviews are fast becoming my secondary source of entertainment here at Newgrounds. In all seriousness, nothing knocks your faith in humanity down a few pegs quite as hilariously as the mindless babble flowing forth from the anus of common sense and right on to Newgrounds in the form of a 'review', if they can even be called that anymore.

Half-way through 2005 and ignorance is not only bliss, but rampant and highly amusing. Hell, ignorance in it's truest and purest form would not hesitate to disassociate itself with most of the opinions expressed regarding this movie. As hilarious as these imbeciles are, I can't help but vomit all over my screen when the thought enters my head that they might actually reproduce. We can handle the terrorists and the poverty, but I'm afraid I can't say the same for the idiots.

It's a sad day when people are simply oblivious to the obvious sarcasm and irony they are bound to get their knickers in a twist over on a daily basis. A hilarious day..... but a sad day.

The final page is written in the books of history.

And I can't understand a word of it.

Akira The Don - L.I.T.F. Akira The Don - L.I.T.F.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty fucking sweet.

Yeah. I liked it.

The graphics were very impressive and animated well, and the whole style of the movie fits with the song very well too, I feel. Catchy song... great animation... it all adds up to the perfect recipe for a music video. Not to mention the pretty humorous bits and pieces dotted around the place..... all in all it made very entertaining piece of work.

Pretty much every aspect of the movie was spot on, so there's not that much room for improvement as far as I can see, haha! The effort you must have put in really shines through, although one problem that I could point out is that the subtitles were off a bit..... whether that's just down to the pile-O-shit computer I'm using right now or a genuine problem I'm not sure, but I thought I'd bring that to your attention anyway.

Otherwise..... damn near (for lack of a better word) perfect, and fully deserving of Daily Feature and the Front Page spot. Keep up the great work :)

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Dude where is my face ?! Dude where is my face ?!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This may sound a bit biased, but...

Yeah, so I was trawling through the overgrown wilderness of the prehistoric BBS threads - only to come across the famous Photoshop My Friend thread! It's like one big time warp, and needless to say it was lots of fun to look through the whole thing again, almost a year on from it's humble beginnings as a simple Photoshop thread - I still can't make it to the end without cracking up at some point. Really, I'm happy to have been involved in such a huge collaboration of some great Photoshop talent and a really fun time, not to mention it's transformation from BBS thread to Flash movie.
You did a great job, with both the Photoshop and Flash aspects of whole thing - I love the style of the movie and the great use of audio which brought the entire thing to life. Of course, it wouldn't have been possible without the pictures provided by the, what...... 30+ users - on which note, kudos to everyone else involved.

Seriously, the whole thing represents some of my most enjoyable moments at Newgrounds... nicely topped off by seeing the dude's reaction after he finally got to see everyone's work :)

Great job, and good luck with everything :)

RegisCartoons responds:

BadReligionSkater, buddy ! It's great to find your review here ! There wouldn't be "Dude Where is my face" flash without you ! Yeah, that was one of the biggest BS collab ever - and it was really successful. I mean - score of this flash is still 3.88/5.00 ;P You know - I have no words to express that - but it was a big pleasure for me to read this review. Good luck, BadReligionSkater !

Teh Zombie Teh Zombie

Rated 4 / 5 stars


For such a basic idea it's a highly addictive game. The concept is good and well executed - a simple yet fun little game.
A high-score board would have been a nice touch... give the player something to strive for as opposed to just endlessly killing the zombies. Or even a storyline and different levels would have worked well.
Even though a little basic the graphics were fine and the music was alright too, but maybe you could have included a mute button or a few more loops for those which the music was not to the taste of.

All in all, a nice idea and a simple yet addictive game, with plenty of potential.

USS Enterprise Two USS Enterprise Two

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very good

I haven't written a review in a long time now, but I feel this movie deserves one.

Graphically, it was very impressive. I think that is where the standard should be maintained rather than improved upon - same goes for the sound. I guess the sound could always be made a little clearer with most games, but it's totally fine as it is.
The humor in there is absolutly great too - I actually laughed at a lot during this game which is always a good thing as it kept me playing... not like there was a lack of action or entertainment though :)

Great game, one of the best I've played in a while.